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Annual Car Show

    In the fall, we held the annual car show.  In addition to seeing some classic show cars, those attending were able to support the Women's Alternative of Madison County.  Check the photo gallery for pictures of the event!

State Project

   The State Project in 2009 supports the Riley Childrens Hospital NeoNatal Care Unit.  Donations to this worthy cause are be accepted at any Aerie.  Watch this site for more details of activities to support this cause!

The Jimmy Durante Children's Fund

   Death took Jimmy Durante nearly 30 years ago and the entertainment world lost one of its most beloved stars.  The Eagles lost a friend of long standing.  The man who could command astronomical fees came to eagle conventions to entertain his friends the eagles for 13 years, and at no cost.  He always worked as hard as though a lot of money was riding on his performance.  All he asked in the way of pay was that we "HELP DA KIDS".  Every dollar raised for this fund goes back to doing the work he challenged us to perform.  We help the kids!

   The D. D. Dunlap Kidney Fund was established at the 1978 Convention in Spokane, WA.  The Kidney Fund is a fund being raised by members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles to find a cure for Kidney disease.  Its purpose is to raise funds and make grants to universities, hospitals & other institutions involved in kidney research and related projects.  100% of all money raised goes directly for research.

The Max Baer Heart Fund

The D. D. Dunlap Kidney Fund

The Lew Reed Spinal Cord Injury Fund

   The Lew Reed Spinial Cord Injury Fund is named after Past Grand Worthy President Lewis  Reed.  The fund is dedicated to fund research in to the field of damaged and severed spinal  cords.

   The Golden Eagle Fund was established in 1971 to raise money for charitable organizations working  on projects helping the elderly, such as Meals on Wheels, medical transporation large print library books and alzheimers research.

The Golden Eagle Fund

   Max Baer was a former heavyweight boxing champion, was an active member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles for many years.  Known for his big heart and colorful sense of humor.  Max was loved by everyone who met him.  When Max Baer died of a heart attack in 1959, the Eagles decided to create a fund as a tribute to his memory and as a means of combating the disease that killed him.  The primary purpose of the Eagles Heart Fund is to aid in heart research and education.

The Robert W. Hansen Diabetes Fund

   Judge Robert Hansen served two terms as Grand Worthy President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and was also a Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The goal of this fund was ans still is, finding a cure for this long time killer.  The Eagles is also helping to fund a diabietes research center at the University of Iowa.

The Art Ehrmann Cancer Fund

  Art Erhmann served as the first director of the Eagles Cancer Fund in 1959 when the fund was established.  Art also served as editor of Eagles Publications fro 25 years.  Art passed away in 1975 after a gallant battle with cancer.  In his memory, the Eagles named the cancer fund after him.  The fund is used for cancer research ahd education.  


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