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House Rules

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 Alexandria FOE # 1771  217 E. Cleveland Street      P O Box 88     Alexandria, IN  46001  Phone (765) 724-7320


1.  The trustees shall be responsible for the preservation of orderly and gentlemanly conduct of all members and guests, and for the compliance of these rules in the buffet and social rooms, and said board shall have the power to deny social room privileges for the period of up to ninety (90) days to any member who violates any house rule.  If no trustee is present, the bartender has the power to deny social room privileges.

2.  The Aerie will be closed 1/2 hour previous to and 1 hour thereafter for funerals of Aerie or Auxiliary members within the city of Alexandria.

3.  Indulgence in profane, vile, and boisterous language, mocking or disorderly conduct on the part of any member within the Aerie is strictly prohibited.

4.  Raffles or collections of any kind shall not be allowed in the Aerie at any time, except when authorized by the trustees.

5.  Any person under the age of 18 shall not be permitted in the building at or after 9 PM, except by special permission of the Aerie or events scheduled for kids from 7 to 11 PM.

6.  All members must have a paid up receipt to enjoy Aerie privileges.

7.  The Aerie will not be responsible for the loss or exchange of any personal belongings of any member or guest.

8.  Guests to the Aerie must be persons invited by a bonafide Aerie or Auxiliary member, and accompanied by the same and leave when the member leaves.  Member responsible for guests shall sign the register upon each visit to the Aerie.  A rejected applicant or a delinquent member may not be brought into the Aerie as a guest.

9.  A guest will be expected to sign an application for membership upon his or her 3rd visit to the Aerie.  The only exception will be for out of state guests.

10.  Each moniated candidate for office will be allowed one 10" x 14" professionally done poster with picture of his or her self.

11.  All members and guests are required to help keep the Aerie in a clean and orderly manner.

12.  Any member or his or her guest who destroys or damages any property of the Aerie must pay for the same in full value or will be disciplined.

13.  No beverages of any kind can be carried IN or OUT of the Aerie.

14.  Anyone playing pool must be 18 years of age.  Those under that age must have a parent or guardian playing with them.  There will be no smoking or drinking over the tables.

15.  A minor consuming alcohol on the premises will be denied social room privileges until the age of 21.

16.  Any member contributing to a minor's consumption of alcohol on the premises will be automatically suspended for ninety (90) days.

17.  Anyone threatening or intimidating an officer or an honorary officer will be disciplined.

18. Anyone in the building after 8 PM on Friday or Saturday night or during special events must have skirts, shorts, etc. at least below fingertips in length.

19.  Minimum requirements for men's shirts will be t-shirt with sleeves and without obscene or vulgar printing after 8 PM on Friday and Saturday nights or during special events.

20.  Jeans must be clean with no holes, rips or tears.

21.  No shorts are permitted after 8 PM on New Year's or Sweetheart Dance night.

22.  Men must wear a dress / sport shirt with collar and sleaves or sweater with sleaves after 8 PM on the day of New Year's Eve or Sweetheart Dance night.

23.  All members of the Aerie are required to report any violation of these rules, which may come to their attention, to the trustee.

24.  No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be permitted in any area where kid's activities are taking place.  (Example: Kid's Christmas Party, Kid's Night, Basketball / Football Banquet, etc.)

25.  No political literature and / or campaigning shall be permitted inside the building by or on behalf of any person seeking public office.